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The taal (Assamese: তাল; Odia: ଗିନି, Gini ), manjira (also spelled manjīrā or manjeera), jalra, or gini is a pair of clash cymbals, which make high-pitched percussion sounds. In its simplest form, it consists of a pair of small hand cymbals. The word taal comes from the Sanskrit word Tālà, literally means a clap. It is a part of Indian music and culture, used in various traditional customs e.g. Bihumusic, Harinaam etc.

In Hindu religious contexts it is known as karatalas (Sanskrit: करताळं, IAST: Karatāḷaṁ), pronounced "karataala", (literally beat-talamaker-kara), typically used to accompany devotional music such as bhajan and kirtan. They are commonly used by Hare Krishna devotees when performing harinam, but are ubiquitous to all Hindu devotional music.