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Best Quality Authentic Original Genuine Handmade Product from Dhobi Ghat (India) - Heavy Weight Indian Dhobi Iron ( Press Walah's Laundry Iron Box) @ 650 USD Only (Worldwide Shipping FREE - Shipping within 48 Hours)

Buy Indian Dhobi Iron Online:- If you make the base of your iron into a container you can put glowing coals inside it and keep it hot a bit longer. This is a charcoal iron, and the one being used in India, where it’s not unusual to have your ironing done by a “press wallah” at a stall with a brazier nearby. Notice the hinged lid and the air holes to allow the charcoal to keep smouldering. These are sometimes called ironing boxes, or charcoal box irons, and may come with their own stand.

For centuries charcoal irons have been used in many different countries. When they have a funnel to keep smokey smells away from the cloth, they may be called chimney irons. Antique charcoal irons are attractive to many collectors, while modern charcoal irons are manufactured in Asia and also used in much of Africa. Some of these are sold to Westerners as reproductions or replica “antiques”. Some irons were shallower boxes and had fitted “slugs” or “heaters” – slabs of metal – which were heated in the fire and inserted into the base instead of charcoal. It was easier to keep the ironing surface spotlessly clean, away from the fuel, than with flatirons or charcoal irons. Brick inserts could be used for a longer-lasting, less intense heat. These are box or slug irons, once known as ironing boxes too. In some countries they are called ox-tongue irons after a particular shape of insert.

Late 19th century iron designs experimented with heat-retaining fillings. Designs of this period became more and more ingenious and complicated, with reversible bases, gas jets and other innovations.