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Buy Gilli Danda Online:- Gili Danda is one of the oldest desi toy played in India. The game is played with two sticks, a large one called a danda which is used to hit a smaller one, the gili.

Standing in a small circle, the player balances the gili on a stone in an inclined manner (somewhat like a see-saw) with one end of the gili touching the ground while the other end in the air. The player then uses the danda to hit the gili at the raised end and flips it into the air. While it is in the air, the player strikes the gili, hitting it as far as possible. Having struck the gili, the player is required to run and touch a pre-agreed point outside the circle before the gili is retrieved by an opponent.

Another way of playing is once the gili falls, the opponent will measure the length from the centre till the place where the gili falls with the help of the danda and calculates points.Easy to store and carry. This set contain 1 small gili of 4.3 inches length and 1 big danda of 16.5 inches with 1.7 inches diameter.