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Chunri Pagri (Rajasthani Turban) is a colored and patterned pagri are a part and parcel of a man's clothing in Rajasthan. Our entire batch production is strictly according to specific customer requirements and present market trend. We employ finest quality fabrics and imported threads to manufacture these pagri and ensure durable performance and colorfastness of our products. We offer very good quality Chunri Pagri to our customer.

Turbans worn in Rajasthan are referred to as the Pagari. They vary in style, colour and size. They also indicate a wearer's social class, caste, region and the occasion it being worn for. Its shape and size may also vary with the climatic conditions of the different regions. Turbans in the hot desert areas are large and loose. Farmers and shepherds, who need constant protection from the elements of nature, wear some of the biggest turbans. The Rajasthani turban also has many practical functions. Exhausted travellers use it as a pillow, a blanket or a towel. It can be used to strain muddy water. An unravelled turban can also be used as a rope to draw water from a well with a bucket.

Prominent styles are Pencha, Sela and Safa, although several local variants exist. A conventional Pagari is usually 82 inches long and 8 inches wide. A Safa is shorter and broader. Ordinarily a turban of a single colour is worn. However, turbans of one of more colours may be worn by the elite or during special occasions such as festivals or weddings, etc. Rajasthani turbans are a prominent tourist attraction. Tourists are often encouraged to participate in turban-tying competitions

Jodhpuri turban or Rajasthani safa, are known for their beauty and elegance. These turbans are called by varieties of names, like multi-colored panchrangi safa, Chundari, Gajsahi etc which comes in color combinations of saffron, white, pink, red and yellow on chunri cloth and then jari turbans which are made by the cloth of jari and silk. Wedding Safa and Turban are made in various style and from various cloth like the cotton Kota, Zaris , Saturn chiffon, Gata chola, etc and various other things to compliment it, like the gems and jewellery.