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Acupressure Twister:- Use 1st side Twisting and 2nd side energy mat. Based on Acupressure Points, Pyramid & Magnetic Treatment Therapy.  Acupressure Twister transforms the body into an attractive shapely figure by getting rid of excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy. use daily 3 to 5 minute. 

This acupressure device is one of the best alternate therapy instrument still very affordable and portable health tool. You can easily take this mat with you in your office bag or carry to a vacation place. Just put this magnetic-cum-acupressure pyramid mat on a plain surface and stand on it for 4-10 minutes (you can stand more time if you want to do) twice a daily. While you stand on the pyramid mat, the best thing you can do is upper body exercises like arm rotation , waist rotation ,neck exercises or even rub your palms to each other (rub till you feel heat on palms).

INDICATION: For headache, tension, gastric, acidity, backache, sciatica, knee pain, leg pain, stimulate the pressure points on the sole and helps blood circulation. It is rough & tuff in use, made by high quality plastic, attached with double ball bearing disc & unbreakable.