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The Bhapang is a rare single stringed percussion instrument affectionately known as a 'talking drum' It originates from the Mewati community in the Alwar district. It is known as a Chongar in Maharashtra, Apang in Gujarat and Tumba in the Punjab. The Bhapang emits a unique sound due to the gut string passing through a skin parchment. It has a varying pitch which requires rapid hand movements and dexterity for the innumerable slides, oscillations and grace notes that are necessary in producing a haunting melody. It is often played to accompany Bhajans - spiritual, devotional songs - and poetry. Positioned under the armpit and plucked, it has a wonderful ability to convey emotion and depth despite its superficial simplicity. On a visit to Rajasthan in 2003, Prince Charles described a performance of the bhapang as "brilliant.''