Betel Nut Cutter Sarota Royal Traditional Vintage | Buy Brass Betel Nut Cutter Online | Antique Brass Supari Sarota Price for Sale | Best Quality Authentic Original Genuine Handmade Brass Betel Nut Cutter Sarota from Jodhpur Rajasthan India Bharat

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Best Quality Authentic Original Genuine Handmade product from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (Bharat) - Heavy Solid Royal Vintage Traditional Brass Betel Nut Cutter (Sarota) @ 450 USD Only (Worldwide Shipping FREE - Shipping within 48 Hours)

This Betel Nut Cutter (Sarota) of 1940's is unique in its own way! This collectible piece is amazingly handcrafted by our skilled artisans. It comes with detailed design. Made from premium quality brass and iron, it has a beautiful Patina with circles inlay engraved all over. This Sarota will definitely be the show stealer in your collection.