Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

    Vegetable and Dalia Pulao

    Festive Rice Stuffing

    Flavoured Rice

    Makai Bhaat

    Methi Flavoured Rice

    Hara and Safed Rice

    Tomato and Pineapple Rice

    Vegetable Khichdi

    Pongal Rice

    Chick Peas Pulao

    Hara Bhara Pulao

    Green Pulao

    Mushroom Pulao

    Mint Rice

    Mixed Pulao

    Fenugreek-Peas Pulao

    Brinjal Rice

    Mustard Rice

    Spinach and Tomato Rice

    Spanish Rice

    Whole Meal Salad

    Carrot Salad with Chutney

    Hot Salad

    Italian Salad