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The Paduka

Pâda = foot (masculine noun); ka = a diminutive ending, literally “small.”

Paduka is the name of India’s oldest, most quintessential footwear. It is little more than a sole with a post and knob, which is engaged between the big and second toe. For over five thousand years padukas have afforded ritual protection to holy men and gurus, and have been used by others for special occasions.

Several variations of the word paduka andkarrow are used for toe-knob sandals across the Indian subcontinent, including kharawanand karom.

Forgive me Mother Earth the sin of injury, the violence I do, by placing my feet upon you this morning.
-Brahmin prayerIn its simplest form the paduka is made of a wooden board cut roughly in the shape of a footprint with a post and knob which slips between the big and second toe. This ancient design is ideally suited to the central Indian climate. Open and airy, they keep the sole raised above the sun-baked ground. Made of sturdy, durable materials, they protect the foot from rocks and thorns.Padukas are often associated with Indian sadhu—mendicants, holy men and gurus. The two narrow, curved stilts reflect the principle of non-violence practised by Hindus and Jains by minimizing the risk of accidentally trampling insects and vegetation. Made of precious, luxurious materials, paduka become ornaments in a bride’s trousseau, serve as ritual objects of veneration for devotees or become votive offerings from the faithful.

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