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Prasad Shivling is made of mercury. Silver and ayurvedic medical are used in the making of Prasad Shivling to make it stronger. Prasad Shivling is considered very powerful. It is believed that by touching it once one can get rid of sins of births and also can get Mokshya.

Benefits of Parad Shivling


    • Cures diseases that includes high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes and heart problems


    • Increases sexual desire and power


    • Brings peace and prosperity


    • Makes spiritual advancement


    • Fills life with happiness and joy


    • Removes negative thoughts from mind


    • Resolves marital conflicts


    • Makes marriage successful


    • Minimizes ill influences of Planets


    • Removes the influence of black magic attack


    • Creates positivity


    • Makes confident


    • Blesses with all worldly pleasures


    • Purifies Soul


    • Increases Kundalini power





|Om Namah Shivay ||

One can achieve the blessing of Lord Shiv by Worshipping Prasad Shivling daily with Ganga water by chanting the above mantra.


It is always believed auspicious to worship Prasad Shivling in the month of Savana since this month is specially used to worship Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv blesses his devotees with a stress free life and fills their life with all kind of happiness and prosperity if worshipped with sincere dedication.

It has also proved helpful for collective purposes to avoid natural calamities and bringing peace in the entire environment for creating a healthy environment for people.

Prasad Shivling can be kept in home or in business premises.

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